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Winterlight Cattery

British Shorthair & Siberian Kittens


Winterlight is a show and companion cattery in southern Ohio dedicated to producing exemplary Siberian and British Shorthair kittens.  Our foundation is imported from Russian catteries for health, temperament, color, and adherence to breed standards.

Kittens For Sale

Currently, we have no kittens available for sale.

Adults For Sale

British Shorthair mother and daughter Winterlight Carmelita and  Melange TatianBest are for sale.  Carmelita is a two-year old chocolate-cinnamon bi-color tortie.  Melange is a 5.5 year old lilac-cream bi-color sortie.  


Use the pull-across menus under British Shorthair and Siberians to see photos and pedigrees for our Kings and Queens. For more photos and links to illustrated pedigrees for each of our cats, and some of their progeny, see the Gallery.  


Winterlight Cattery

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