1. How did you hear about Winterlight Cattery?

  2. What are you looking for?  Do you have a preference for color or gender?

  3. Do you plan to declaw the kitten? 

  4. Where will you keep the kitten?  Do you have a pet door that leads outside?

  5. How and what will you feed the kitten?

  6. How many pets live inside your home?  Please list their gender, age, and species.  Are any spayed or neutered?

  7. Have you ever given up on a pet?  If yes, please explain the circumstances.

  8. What do you use for flea and heartworm preventative?

  9. What is your veterinarian's name, address, and phone number?

  10. Do you have pet restrictions due to a rental or neighborhood agreement?

  11. How many people live inside your home.  Please list their names and ages.

  12. Is anyone in the house allergic to cats.  Does anyone have asthma?

  13. To help match you with the right kitten, please tell me a little about your lifestyle, travel, hobbies, etc..

  14. Are you inquiring for a kitten for yourself, or for another person?


Please use this form for your answers to 1-14 above.

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