TM 2020 36 Carlotta Solid Lilac F 5w.jpg

Tetris x Melange

Winterlight BRI-C Litter

September 27, 2020  /  2♂ 3♀

Reservations will be accepted at the breeder's discretion for British Shorthair kittens from Russian imports Tetris of Kotoffski and Melange TatianBest.  There are lilac/white, chocolate/white, and cream/white bi-colors; a solid lilac; and a chocolate/cream/cinnamon tricolor van. Carlotta, the solid lilac, is reserved.  The other four kittens are available.

Regular price is $1800.  Show/Breeding price is $2500. Parents are health-tested, and registered with TICA.  If you are interested in a kitten from this litter, please read my contract, and send me an application.  

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